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  halloween on spi

  "#1 Sand Castle Place" .......... #3 in the judging...

#1 Sand Castle Place
Originally uploaded by amazin walter.
I gotta gloat a little.... i won "peoples choice again!"... it would look like a hometown advantage if you were here.... but i also won 3rd place!!!... in a vote by all the "Masters of Sand" (my fellow sculptors).... i am honored... i am lucky.... i am not going to disneyland......
  Red Tide in the Gulf
being sandy feet: Uh-oh
  shark attack?
being sandy feet: shark attack?
  JOOheng Tan from Singapore... the surf here is wicked!

JOOheng Tan from Singapore... the surf here is wicked!
Originally uploaded by amazin walter.
just kidding.... he didn't say that.... it is his first time and he
is just taking a lesson.... it proves anyone can do it.... he doesn't
even swim..... ???? he was all smiles after his lesson with South Padre Surf Company at .... he was a little sore
the day after.... wait'll they hear about this in
  Bay Watch Foundation bay cleanup Oct 06

Bay Watch Foundation bay cleanup Oct 06
Originally uploaded by amazin walter.
ChristyClown a local at South Padre Island shares the joy of
"UNLITTERING!" with Singapore sandsculptor JOOheng Tan who is visiting the Sons of the Beach
and will be a competitor at the 19th annual Sand Castle Days starting
on the 19th of October. The Bay Watch Foundation promotes a clean
Laguna Madre by organizing cleanups and teaching people not to throw
ANYTHING (including cigarette butts) into or around our precious
natural resource. photo by
  "Instrumental" by Team "Trowel and Error"

The next episode of "Sandblasters - Extreme Sand Sculpture" was filmed this past weekend in San Diego. Can't get too specific - don't want to ruin the show for everyone! - but South Padre Island and the Lone Star State were well-represented this time, and sandy feet came home with a big --- smile on her face. Thanks in no small part to the efforts of her way-talented partner Kirk Rademaker.

The show is scheduled to debut on the Travel Channel on March 4, 2006.

See more photos here.

All in all it was a great weekend for the Sons of the Beach Sandcastle Wizards!
  "Fit for a King"

"Fit for a King"
Originally uploaded by amazin walter.
"Sand Sculpting Sensations!"... a quote from the Virginian-Pilot on Saturday Sept, 30th, 2006....

"Walter McDonald, known as "Amazin' Walter", and his daughter Christy (the clown) McDonald, of Padre Island, Texas, work on their sand sculpture "Fit For A King" on Friday afternoon at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on the first day of the North American Sandsculpting Championship."

And when the results were in on Saturday "Fit For A King" won the peoples choice award, the sculptors choice award, and 3rd place in the team category.... eeeeha!
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